2+2=5 for extremely large values of 2

Image (c) XKCD.com

Image from XKCD.com, check out the comic, it's worth it.

Greetings ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our new and shiny site. Damn it’s pretty isn’t it ?

As my colleague and dear friend Dragos M. already told you in a previous post, expect great things from this site. New design ideeas, design news, design tutorials and a whole lot of other goodies involving design (I seem to be quite fond of this word, don’t I ?).

But design is not everything; it’s not enough for an application of website to look nice. Yeah, it’s shiny, it’s oozing pure design awesomness, but what do you do about those pesky classes, pointers, DB connections, variables that just won’t give you the right value and so on. So, in the following weeks, months, years, decades … you get the ideea, I will provide some insights on the inner working of web-sites, applications, scripts and more. I’ll let you know some of my experiences, and how I fixed them so that maybe it will be easier to surpass those “Oh, that’s weird…” moments that are inevitable in programming.

So, check back soon and check back often. And don’t be afraid to use the comments (they do work you know ?) to ask questions, present ideeas, give tips, answers or even cookies !

Until the next time, may all your pointers return non-null values.

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