Intentio – a very interesting blog

Intentio is an interesting blog about life. Life that is happening every minute, every second, all around us. It is about one man’s journey through life. It is about questioning all that we take for granted, every day without even thinking about how lucky we are.
Got your attention? Well it surely got mine.

Intentio -the blog

Intentio -the blog

This morning, i woke up with a new idea. What about a pro-bono project? I think I’m mature enough for this step. Especially after so many temptations on starting such a project.
Inspired by the work of Stefan Sagmeister I have decided, starting today, DVisionDesign will be working on the first pro-bono project.
I want to keep you updated, in the upcoming weeks, with the status of the project, pictures, dialogs and thoughts.
So if you are interested in this project follow us on twitter or keep up with us with the RSS system.

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