The Townhall. New icon in work

The Townhall

Here is a new icon in works, The Town hall. It was commissioned for a windows desktop app so it has to have that windows feeling. I have tried more mac like designs but it wasn’t what they needed.

I will show you the full Setup package soon.

eXpert Bugetar 2011 – icon and setup images

Icon for eXpert Bugetar 2011 app

Last month was a busy one for me since I had to complete a lot of projects that had to pe released in early January. Here is another big project, a windows desktop app called “eXpert bugetar”, the 2011 installment. It is the most important project for my client and this means every year I have to make it better then the one before. And I tell you, it is not an easy job.

Splash Screen for eXpert Bugetar 2011

For this project it was needed an icon and a setup icon, the pictures for the install wizard and the splash screen/ login. The last one is very important and each year I have to find a good balance between all the elements, the new design I propose and the consistency of the interface with the older versions. I love it. And thanks Cosmin for giving me total freedom on the design.

The new iconset is complete

The new look of the 2011 icon set

Here is the first look on the new iconset i’ve created for a windows desktop app, for romanian users. I am happy that the company that developed this product decided that it is a good idead to go with this new color scheme. I think this way, their users will identify the product and the month they need way faster then in the past.

Do you like them? All feedback is welcome, please leave a comment below.