Redesign – Sample Page Sample Page

We are happy to announce the new look for is finaly done.

After several weeks of integrating new ideeas , new concepts, and new technology, our old client, the online store decided this is the new look they want to have for their web site.

As usual, here’s one more screenshot. Homepage Homepage

Translation services – Homepage Homepage

Website created for our friends at Style Language in Bucharest.

It’s much more than a simple presentation site. Built, as usual, ontop of our CMS, the site gives the owner the possibility to modify almost all aspects of the site and to add as many pages as he pleases.

We’ve also added an event calendar so that the users and the owners could keep an easy track of what will happen and when.

We chose a tri-color, black/white/green theme which the customers found pleasing and which was in line with the corporate identity that we created for them.

Website accessible at:

And one more screenshot showcasing the Admin area. Admin Pages Admin Pages

Distribution company – Homepage Homepage

Ah, this site brings back memories :) It’s quite an old project, being done somewhere in 2005.

It was made for our very first customers, for which we’ve created and, both which are now, unfortunately, offline.

It’s basically an online product catalogue, mixed with a simple news engine.

Website accessible at:

One more screenshot below. Products page Products page