Online Showroom – Homepage Homepage

The client wanted the web-site to have the same look and feel as the one used by the parent company in the Netherlands (, so our hands were tied concerning the design.

Under the site’s hood runs, as usual, our in-house built CMS.

Website accessible at:

Some more pictures right below. Showroom Showroom

Construction company – Homepage Homepage

Our client, a Chicago based construction company, needed a way to present its portfolio on line.

The solution that we agreed upon consisted of an PHP based website, running with our CMS under the hood for portfolio management.

For each portfolio element, the client has complete control over the content.

Designwise, the page needed to reflect the company profile, so we chose cool, neutral colors throughout the website.

The website is accessible at:

Some more screenshots below. Portfolio Page Portfolio Page

Horse dressage and stable – Homepage Homepage

The client needed a page to display the horses and sevices that he offers.

For each horse he needed to add some photos, a flash movie and a small description. This was implemented using our in-house CMS which allows him to have full control over the content of the website. He also needed an events page which is also updateable via the CMS.

The webpage uses PHP 4.1 and MySQL for database and content management.

Designwise, the site needed to suggest a countryside feeling and thus, the proeminent shade troughout the site is green. The photos used in creating the layout were taken by us.

The site is accessible at:

Please note that the website is in french.

Some more screenshots below. - Page - Page - Admin Section - Admin Section