New icons

A new project: a free icon set, here is a glimpse of what you can expect.

Be mindful of how often someone typically logs onto their Facebook account--it's not a good idea to bombard them with advertisements all day long! Give people an incentive or discount if they click through on a particular advertisement--even if it's just a 10% off coupon code, it shows them that there is something special about your company worth checking out Offer promotions through emails using social media links--This is perfect because usually people already have their email open while they're scrolling through their Facebook page Remember that 75% of visitors who click through from Facebook ads end up buying something--get ready to start making sales with these tips!

For many businesses, Facebook is a top platform on which to advertise. This is especially true for ecommerce businesses looking to sell goods and services directly to their target market. However, just because Facebook advertising is affordable and efficient doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Assuming you are using Facebook, you may as well make sure that you are using some of their own in-house tools to help optimize your campaign. Some of these tools include, but aren't limited to: FB pixel, Power Editor and Retargeting Lists . By utilizing these tools you will be able to more effectively target specific audiences through your advertising campaigns. And just like any other platform there is always something new coming out; it's important to stay up-to-date with changes so that your business doesn't miss out on revenue or growth opportunities. These tools make sense when running any kind of advertising campaign, but they are especially helpful in Facebook ads since they allow you to target very specifically instead of simply relying on demographic data.


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New projects, new logos

As you can see, I’ve been pretty busy lately working on some new logo projects. Here are some previews:





Case study for adLemonade logo and stationary

adLemonade is a young search marketing company.

The logo was inspired by a slice of lemon that uses the google colors. They are a young and fresh company and the identity had to highlight these characteristics. The idea of using the 4 colors to resemble google trought together the whole concept.


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adLEmonade logo casestudy